National Safety Month: #No1GetsHurt

National Safety Month: #No1GetsHurt

Safety is everyone’s responsibility all year long, but June is officially National Safety Month. And it’s not just about being safe on the job. The National Safety Council focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death:

  • At work.
  • On the road.
  • In our homes.
  • In our communities.

They focus on a different safety topic each week of June:

Week 1: Emergency Preparedness.

Is your home and office ready for a tornado? Are you trained in first aid and/or CPR? A disaster won’t wait. Create your emergency plan now.

Week 2: Wellness.

Lack of sleep can lead to health problems, impaired driving, and accidents on the job.  Get seven to nine hours of sleep each day. If you have trouble sleeping, consider asking your doctor about sleep disorders. More than 70 million Americans suffer from them, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Week 3: Falls.

Don’t get tripped up! Clean up spills and hazards immediately. Also, avoid looking at or using your phone while walking to avoid injury.

Week 4: Driving.

Always wear a seatbelt. In 2016, 48% of people killed on the road were unbelted, according to Also, avoid distracted driving. Don’t eat, drink or use a cell phone (even hands free) while driving.

You can download helpful safety information at:

Do your part to be sure #No1GetsHurt.