National Transportation Week

National Transportation Week

May 13-19 is National Transportation Week. By presidential proclamation, the United States recognizes the importance of our nation’s transportation infrastructure – the system of roads, railroads, airports, and ports that link our communities.

The week also honors those who build, operate, and maintain the system. And it’s a big system.

Think about your groceries. To get to your table, farmers and factories arrange and track shipments. Then drivers and pilots deliver them. And companies like ours build and maintain the roads everyone travels on to get to and from the store.

May 18 is also National Defense Transportation Day. Transportation by air, land, and sea also provides national security. Just like our groceries, supplies for U.S. military men and women travel by plane, train, ship and truck.

The U.S. transportation infrastructure is a huge, connected system that moves people and products to every corner of our country.

We’re proud of our company and crews who contribute to our state’s infrastructure and our nation’s security.