Underground – Not Under Appreciated

Underground – Not Under Appreciated

Roads may connect our communities, but it’s the pipes underground that help us thrive!

Right under our feet are utilities that keep our community working. We often walk, drive and live right over these pipes. But you may not ever think about them – and we’re working to keep it that way.

At S.T. Wooten, we install wet utilities. There are three main types of wet utilities:

  1. WATER – Carries clean water to buildings.
  2. STORM DRAIN OR STORM SEWER – Carries rainwater away from streets and landscapes.
  3. SEWER – Carries drainage water and waste matter from sinks, showers and toilets.

Wet utility pipes are made from:

  • PVC: “Polyvinyl chloride,” one of the most-used plastics in the world.
  • RCP: “Reinforced Concrete Pipe” is a cylindrical wire cage encased in concrete.
  • DIP: “Ductile iron pipe” is an improved form of cast iron.

Ductile is a newer, stronger material with a tighter seal.

“In a lot of our NCDOT work, we are replacing old pipes with new ductile line,” explained Project Manager Davis Wooten. “A long time ago, the pipes were clay, so now we are upgrading them. The results are improved joints and stronger, longer-lasting pipes.”

For the past three years, several crews have been working to upgrade utilities on the 10th Street Connector project in Greenville. In the last 15 years, the city has grown from 60,000 residents to around 90,000. If you include the surrounding “metro” area, it’s more like 175,000.

To help handle this growth, we’re installing an upgraded drainage system. It includes 30,000 ft. of storm drain and 350 stormwater catch boxes, culminating with the 40,000-lb box pictured here.

Stronger systems. Stronger communities.

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